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Kontigo offers a dependency treatment care that identifies relapses early

Welcome to Kontigo Care – revolutionizing dependency treatment through digital means

Addiction is a rampant problem, and the cost of dependency treatment is skyrocketing. Still, this cost is nothing compared to the unnecessary suffering that addicts and their loved ones experience. Historically, the range of new technology and research addressing this problem has been rather limited for this patient group, perhaps due to the social stigma. This is something that we need to change. Previct is a platform for digital dependency treatment that, in combination with real-time sobriety tests and advanced behavioral analysis, helps caregivers identify relapses at an early stage, enhance therapy sessions and streamline the overall treatment.

Heart in care

The Previct solution fits in a pocket and can be used wherever the patients goes. This allows the patients to receive treatment at home, at work or even while traveling. The benefits are tremendous, as this enables the users to lead a normal life. The socio-economic benefits are also great: sick leave goes down and fewer patients need to be sent to rehab clinics. With new and efficient dependency treatment through digital means, both society and people come out as winners.

Previct - a digital platform for dependency treatment

Traditional care, powered by AI.

Previct is based on advanced artificial intelligence (AI). Behavioral data for each individual user is analyzed, creating a, ever increasingly clear picture of both individual behavior and behavior common to addicts as a group. This allows Previct to help caregivers predict relapses up to three days before they occur. The data analysis also facilitates interpretation of the individual’s behavior patterns, enabling users to break downward spirals and to create a new lifestyle for themselves, free from addiction.

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Healthcare providers

Helping caregivers give help

Previct is a tool that is currently revolutionizing addiction care. As a therapist, you receive reports about your patient’s wellbeing and sobriety in real-time, helping you predict relapses before they occur. Previct also enables faster and more frequent interactions with the patient, and makes it possible for the patient’s family to assist in the treatment. You gain invaluable knowledge while the patient receives daily behavioral therapy, a path leading to deeper and more constructive treatment sessions.

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Previct has generated hundreds of thousands of sober days for thousands of users. Our tool is used by both public and private care providers throughout Sweden and in several other European countries. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help, and we will refer you to a local care provider. For more information about digital dependency treatment, the Previct product or anything else, please call our support line or simply click the button below.

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Just a few of the awards we have been given over the years.

Swedish eHealth Award
Smart Industry Awards
Swedish Mobile Awards
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Swedish Embedded Award
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Investor relationship

Investing in Kontigo Care

Kontigo Care is a company based in Uppsala, Sweden, and was first listed on NASDAQ First North in 2015. From the outset, our mission was clear: to revolutionize dependency treatment through cutting-edge digital solutions. This mission was based on the realization that the future of modern and people-friendly dependency treatment is digital.