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Previct from a caregiver’s perspective

Previct is a revolutionary tool designed for healthcare professionals specializing in dependency and addiction treatment. This tool strengthens the bond between you and your patient, provides vital information in real-time and even helps you predict relapses before they occur. You will gain invaluable knowledge about the user’s addictive behavior, resulting in deeper and more constructive therapy sessions. We can help you provide people-friendly treatment through digital means.

How to use Previct

Previct is a digital platform for dependency treatment, an aid and a support system for you and your existing treatment plan. The heart of the platform is a Care Portal where you create individualized care plans for your patients. Our app reinforces successful therapy results 24/7. The patients carry their aids with them wherever they go while you are able to monitor the patients’ activities between therapy sessions, resulting in enhanced and more efficient treatment. But wait, there’s more!

3 simple steps – a guide to using Previct

Working closely with your patient, you create a customized care plan. You provide the patient with a discreet breathalyzer and ask them to download the app to their mobile device. After a quick setup, you are connected and ready to go!

The patient takes a predetermined number of breath tests on a daily basis, and the results are instantly visible in your Care Portal. You get a steady supply of data for your upcoming therapy sessions. As an added bonus, Previct has the ability to predict relapses up to three days before they occur.

The app requires the patient to perform a series of daily routines and answer questions about their well-being in order to help them break negative behavior patterns and reinforce positive lifestyle choices. Use the results as the basis for your upcoming therapy sessions.

Previct – a pocket-size sobriety coach

Previct – a pocket-size sobriety coach

Using Previct is simple. Users carry a breathalyzer and their own mobile phone with them during the day, so that they can take breath tests and get treatment anytime, anywhere. This makes it possible for patients to keep working, take breath tests even when they live far from the caregiver’s premises or even go on vacations. It’s quite simply limitless therapy.

Previct reinforces behavioral therapy

Previct is a personal platform for interaction between you and your patients within the framework of ongoing behavioral therapy, regardless of your preferred form of treatment. This is also an aid that requires the user to perform daily tasks, do exercises and fill in self-assessments regarding wellbeing/motivation/moods in order to reinforce treatment, promote positive lifestyle choices and stop downward spirals. The treatment revolves around the patients’ daily use of mobile phones. Base your therapy sessions on app data and reinforce treatment through ongoing digital support.

The film about PrevictPrevict® – the videoLearn all you need to know about Previct dependency treatment.

Previct provides a better therapy talk

Communication – the roadmap to proper care.

When comparing Previct to self-help apps or online behavioral therapy, Previct has a huge advantage in its ability to provide two-way communication, analysis and summary of patient data as well as predicting relapses. Previct is not a miracle cure, it is a tool for enhancing therapy sessions. As a therapist, you receive real-time analysis and insights as to how the individual patient is responding to treatment. This enables you to tailor care plans to the unique needs and challenges of each and every patient. Simply put, you will be able to provide the right care for the right person at the right time.

Enhanced therapy sessions.

Previct provides deeper insights into the patient’s behavior, paving the way for more efficient and constructive therapy sessions. You go into a session with full knowledge of relapses (if any), the patient’s general wellbeing, adherence to the care plan and level of motivation. This is where the conversation starts. Previct is also able to analyze data and provide insights into behavioral patterns. This makes it easier to pinpoint when and why relapses occur.

Previct helps you predict the future

Predicting the future

We are now able to present evidence-based research on how Previct functions as a digital biomarker. Using the platform and AI, we can predict relapses up to three days before they occur, giving caregivers ample time to intervene.

Close contact

Previct is a permanent link between you and your patient, enabling you to communicate with them on a daily basis through text messaging offering them support and encouragement. The app also makes it possible for patients to reach out to you in times of need. And if worse comes to worst and they feel an overpowering urge to drink, they can always push the panic button and ask for help. It’s like having a lifeline in your pocket.

Just a few of the awards we have been given over the years.

Swedish eHealth Award
Smart Industry Awards
Swedish Mobile Awards
Nordic Startup Awards
Swedish Embedded Award
Bona Postulata
Previct offers the possibility to monitor mood problems

Care on equal and creative terms.

Some people may have trouble understanding complex information or expressing themselves in writing. We believe that the best way to achieve lasting change is to take the unique situation of the individual into consideration when deciding on treatment. For example, for us it is unacceptable that people are excluded from proper healthcare just because they can’t read or write. Therefore, we have spared no effort in utilizing the latest technology to create equal and inclusive care for everyone. Previct makes it possible to communicate using emojis, watching a video instead of reading, expressing moods by tapping a button and recording a voice message instead of writing. We give therapists the opportunity to be creative and discover the best way to communicate with each patient.

Support for and from family.

Addiction problems have repercussions for the whole family. Previct allows patients to send test results to their next of kin, an action that rebuilds trust in people who are struggling with addiction. Using the new Previct Family feature, family members are able to download the app too, where they can easily verify that the patient is sober and sticking to the plan. Family members are not required to take breath tests, but they can participate actively in treatment and answer questions on well-being on their own. This gives the therapist an overview of the family situation, making it possible to intervene if, for example, children are at risk. It is also possible to forward the test results to the employer, enabling the patient to keep working during ongoing treatment.

Log in to the care portal

Log in to the portal

This is where you log into the Care Portal in order to assist your patients..

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