Previct is a digital support for addiction

Previct® Alcohol

Kick the habit and live life to the fullest

Previct is easy to use

You and your caregiver formulate a treatment plan and a clear target. The next step is receiving a discreet breathalyzer from the caregiver and downloading the app to your mobile device. After a quick setup, you are connected and ready to go!

Using our solution, you take a daily breath test and a selfie. The results are sent directly to your caregiver, but you can also opt-in to share this info with your next of kin. The results will be the basis for your upcoming therapy sessions.

The app also requires you to perform a series of daily routines in order to help you break negative behavior patterns and make positive lifestyle choices. Previct acts as a link between you and your caregiver, giving you support when you need it the most.

Previct - a digital platform for dependency treatment

Previct Alcohol

Previct Alcohol is a digital aid based on three pillars: a mobile app, a wireless breathalyzer that fits in your pocket and a treatment platform. As a user, you take daily breath tests using a breathalyzer connected to your mobile device, and the results are then sent to your therapist. Breath tests not only reveal whether you are sober or not, they also solve an additional piece of the puzzle concerning your unique situation.

All results are analyzed by our artificial intelligence (AI) solution and used to predict relapses and provide in-app support that helps you break negative behavior patterns and create positive habits. Also, when you know that another test is just hours away, there is no point in wasting time debating with yourself whether you should have that drink or not. Whether you need to cut back on your drinking or quit altogether, Previct helps you kick the habit and live life to the fullest!

Previct Alcohol Previct works everywhere

Previct Alcohol builds trust.

You can choose to share your results with people other than your caregiver. Some people might want to share this info with their family, friends or employers. Use Previct to repair relationships and restore people’s trust in you. Back up your claims of sobriety by enabling the people around you to double-check. We can help you eliminate any mistrust and stand tall again.

Previct Alcohol provides daily support.

Previct is more than a sobriety test, it is a behavioral therapy tool designed to help you get through your everyday life. Working closely with your therapist, you formulate tasks, exercises and additional guidance tailored to your specific needs. The app asks how you are doing on a daily basis and provides support and advice on how to stay sober or drink less. Whenever you feel an overpowering urge to drink, you can always push the Help button to contact your therapist or relative of your choice. You are unique and your treatment needs to reflect this. Our new technology provides unique opportunities to provide individualized care and support. Previct allows you to use mood emojis, watch pep-talk videos, record diary entries or fill in self-assessments using colors or numbers to express how you are feeling. Everyone needs reinforcing feedback, so take on our in-app challenges and get recognition from your caregiver directly through the app.

Previct – creative care for modern life.

Previct Alcohol can be used anywhere.

If your mobile phone works, Previct works too. This gives you the freedom to continue working or going on business trips or vacation while undergoing treatment. Previct gives you the chance to lead a normal life while still fighting addiction. The ability to contact a caregiver or a support person by sending a simple text message also creates an additional layer of security for people who live far away from their caregiver.


Helping caregivers give help

Previct is a tool that is currently revolutionizing addiction care. As a therapist, you receive reports about your patient’s wellbeing and sobriety in real-time, helping you predict relapses before they occur. Previct also enables faster and more frequent interactions with the patient, and makes it possible for the patient’s family to assist in the treatment. You gain invaluable knowledge while the patient receives daily behavioral therapy, a path leading to deeper and more constructive treatment sessions.

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